Speakers 2019-20

2019-20 Season Speakers :


2nd Apr : CANCELLED : Melanie Davies : Living in Space Melanie Davies

Due to health concerns, the April 2020 meeting has been cancelled. 







Steve Cunnington 7th May Danny Thomas :  Modelling the Constellations in 3D

Due to health concerns, the April 2020 meeting has been cancelled. 


It was going to be : 

"Modelling the Constellations in 3D” covers a challenge that I set myself to model constellations so that they could be displayed from the sides without changing the scale.
The talk covers the different types of coordinate systems, the data sets and program design.
A large part of the talk is the demo which uses various constellations to tell the story behind the patterns, the interesting features and how they move in time.





4th Jun : ESAS Telescope and Imaging Fest Telescope Fest

We’re having a repeat of our successful practical evening when members (and non-members) can bring their equipment to discuss their problems – and find solutions - with more experienced fellow members.

Don’t worry that your equipment problem is too trivial to bring up – any problem that stops you enjoying your hobby is a problem needing a solution – and we can provide it!

More expert astronomers, whom we would love to see to help other less experienced members, please come along with equipment if possible.

Even if you don’t (yet) have equipment of your own, come and see the Society’s loan equipment and discuss its loan to you to help you in your hobby.

So, equipment or not, come along and have a relaxing evening with like-minded people.



2nd Jul : Professor Chris Lintott: “The Crowd and the Cosmos” Steve Cunnington

Details to be confirmed











5th Mar : Greg Smye-Rumsby: “Space, what’s it all about? Greg Smye-Rumsby

Details to be made available soon







Steve Cunnington 6th Feb John Fox : Astrophotography using a DSLR and a normal photographic mount

John is Chairman of Wealden Astronomers and is a STEM Ambassador doing astronomy outreach and the stargazing evenings at the OSC. He is also a volunteer driver on the Volk's Electric Railway in Brighton—his great, great uncle was Magnus Volk who built the railway in 1883!

John has spent over 53 years in the professional photographic arena and has practical experience in all formats of film equipment up to and including 5”x4” plate cameras.

He won “Photographer of the Year” in the 1983, 'Southern Press Radio and Television' Awards and has also won three 'Ilford' awards during his 32 years as a press photographer working both in Sussex and Manchester. Outside of his press photography adventures John has also photographed over 1,400 weddings during his long career.

John switched to digital in 2003 and has embraced the freedom of shooting and editing digital imagery. Now semi-retired, John has taken the opportunity to pursue his passion for astrophotography, panorama and 360 VR along with his love of all things video including SFX editing techniques


William Joyce 2nd Jan : Will Joyce :The Search for Intelligent Life in Deep Space


An extremely thought-provoking and entertaining overview of the arguments for and against the probability of other ‘intelligent’ life in the Milky Way or the wider universe.




Jan Drozd 5th Dec 2019 : Dr. Jan Drozd : A Pale Blue Dot – Earth from an Alien’s Perspective

Dr Jan Drozd is a retired biological (microbiology and biochemistry) scientist who has worked in academia, industry and government. He was once the recipient of a Royal Society European Research Fellowship. He is a member of Wadhurst Astronomy Society and is interested in many aspects of astronomy. He has written several articles for Popular Astronomy, the magazine of the Society for Popular Astronomy.

In this Decembers' meeting, Jan considers how intelligent and advanced aliens who study exoplanets, in a similar way that we do, might piece together the history of the Earth’s formation, the evolution of life and its impact on the environment on this “pale blue dot” we call home.
Many of us will be familiar with the opening mission statement from the original Star Trek TV series:
Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.
We are so used to looking outwards from our planet, that it is interesting to consider how curious and dispassionate aliens, from a more scientifically advanced civilisation than ours, with a similar mission statement to the above, might piece together the history of the Earth’s formation, the evolution of life and its impact on the environment on this “pale blue dot” we call home.


Members Talks

7th November AGM and Members' Evening : Lester Selmes, Rosemary Selmes, Peter Bolwell, Mark Jarvis

SPACE JUNK, by Peter Bolwell Peter’s talk concerns the risks posed to space flight - both manned and unmanned - by discarded pieces of debris from previous missions which have been left in orbit, and the continuing disregard for the problem as ever more satellites are launched into space.

Then two founder members of ESAS:

MY TELESCOPE PROJECT, by Lester Selmes Lester’s talk is about a telescope installation at his home, which I believe contains some reference to road works!

ISAAC NEWTON TELESCOPE VISIT, by Rosemary Selmes Rosemary will recount a holiday trip to the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory in La Palma where the INT was moved from Herstmonceux in 1984.

Then last, but by no means least: CHASING THE ISS, by Mark Jarvis. Mark will briefly cover how to find out when and where the International Space Station will be visible and how to photograph transits of the Sun and Moon.


Steve Cunnington 3rd Oct 2019 Dr Stephen Wilkins :  James Webb Telescope and associated science

Talking about the technical background and history of the JWT project. About the technology and about the problems encountered that has led to the delays that we are all aware of.  

Dr Stephen Wilkins also informed us about https://www.brightonwonderfest.com/ and the involvement that we could all provide. 





Ian Whiteley 5th Sept 2019 Ian Whiteley : The Royal Greenwich Observatory at Herstmonceux

Ian has thoroughly researched the RGO’s history, especially its time at Herstmonceux and will be using unique video interviews with RGO staff to illustrate his talk.

Astronomers who worked at the RGO in its Herstmonceux years share their memories of discovering the first stellar mass black hole, job interviews with the Astronomer Royal and earning 'a bob a night' on observation duty (video presentation).









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