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ESAS elects its management committee at its AGM held on the first Thursday of November each year.  The committee serve for a period of one year and may subsequently stand for re-election.

If you need assistance then please contact one of the committee or its officers at either a Society meeting or through their contact details shown below. 

Honorary President: Sir Patrick Moore, CBE, FRS, FRAS 

Patron of ESAS : Professor Chris Lintott 


Management Committee 2019/20



Chairman ~ Doug Edworthy
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Society Secretary & 
Albedo Editor

Kay Hunting
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Kay Hunting



Vice Chairman & 
Outreach Co-ordinator


Nigel Martin



 Outreach Co-ordinator

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Ashley Newton


Society Officers  

Committee member

Varity Standard
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Public Meetings Secretary

Charlie Kite





Treasurer & 
Dark Site co-ordinator

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Dave Williams




General Members  


 Dark Site Coordinator

Doug Edworthy





Dark Site Coordinator

David Williams



Outreach Co-ordinator

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Nigel Martin


Albedo Editor


Doug Edworthy






Previous Events

Friday July 27th - a double date for the Dark Site

Long term forecast is good.
Lunar Eclipse
On Friday 27th July there will be a total lunar eclipse taking place. We will see the start of totality with the rise of the moon in the UK at 21:10 BST. Sunset is 2 minutes later. The maximum eclipse is at 21.22 and the end of totality will be at 22.13. Needs a good, low easterly / south easterly viewpoint. At the Dark Site we have a view to the East and South East of approximately 1º - 2º above the horizon - so should have a good view. Also at around 22.00 Mars will rise above the horizon very close to the moon - see below.

Mars at Opposition

Also on Friday 27th July 2018, Mars will be at its closest since 2003. This will make it the brightest it has been for 15 years and will outshine Jupiter by 1.8 times. It will be low in the south east at about 11º around 23.20 and ideal to view at the Dark Site, weather permitting. It will also still be bright for our BBQ along with the expected Perseids meteor showers on Aug 11th. Mars is predicted to be brighter than Jupiter and the second brightest main planet after Venus on 27th July. Unfortunately the current dust storms on Mars will probably still be ongoing.

More details to follow to those members of ESAS that email me wishing to attend.

Never been to the Dark Site before? To find it login on our ESAS website (‘login’ top right of home page), select ‘Your ESAS’ at the top and then ‘ESAS Dark Site’ from the list. Details and maps are there to help you. Alternatively you may email one of the Dark Site Co-ordinators myself or Doug Edworthy:

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Solar Observing Every Last Sunday at The De La Warr Pavilion, South Terrace 11 - 2pm (Weather dependant so check FB or ESAS Home page)



Hooe Church Roof fundraising

April 1st 7:00 ESAS raising money for Hooe Church Roof all those with telescopes please contact Andy or Paul for details. Drinks nibbles and Observing with one of the best East, South & Westerly horizons in thearea. This event will go ahead even if wet or cloudy.



Astronomy in the Pub

April 1st Crawley 3pm till 11pm for an Astronomy in the pub event, 
The Plough pub at Rusper near Crawley


Oct 15&16 : Astronomy and Space: Halley's Comet to Hubble

Astronomy and Space Exhibition at Battle Memorial Hall, an all day event that is completely Free with an excellent line up of speakers and exhibits. ESAS is using its Solar Telescopes during the day in the Market square and Members will be showing the public views of the night sky from within Battle Abbey (Viewing is limited and Names will be taken on the day)

Discover what a comet smells like with ESAS, Come and Hold one of the oldest things you can touch/feel. Its true age is out of this world! Venue: Battle Memorial Hall, 81 High St, Battle TN33 0AQ 

Click Here for the full poster

Part of The Battle Of Hastings 950 years celebrations



Star Gazing Live

Stargazing Live, ESAS will be at Sussex University on Wednesday 18th January with telescopes and giving talks throughout the evening.  Star Gazing Live Link  



1066 Sky View Oct 23rd 2016

Astronomy to celebrate 950 Years of the Battle of Hastings when Hallyes Comet became a bad Omen for Harold Godwinson. Lots of things to do and see, Discover Halley's Comet, See the last close encounter and find out what it smells like Make a rocket, Narrated Solar System walk around the grounds with Lester Selmes, Space Art exhibition, See the Sun in all it's Glory (Weather permitting) Lots of telescopes on display. Touch, hold one of the oldest things ever, it's real age is out of this world! Venue: Atha Sports Club, Little Common Road Bexhill, TN39 4HU Entrance is Free.


Astronomy in the Pub Saturday 6th February 2016  

Come join ESAS in one of the darkest village Pubs in the South East for a evening of Astronomical Discovery.

 Not only will we have many telescopes setup in the back garden for you and your family to view the night sky, but also will have Amateur Astronomers on hand to answer all your questions, and introduce you to the natural wonders of the night sky, This event will still take place even if cloudy or wet.

  This year we are supporting St. Peter & St. James Hospice, so please give generously!

  Posters available for download here:



Star Gazing Live

Saturday 16th January 2016 ESAS BBC Stargazing Live This Event was free but donations were appreciated!

Three Speakers from 4pm - reapeated twice more through the evening;

Andy Lawes January Night Sky 

Richie Jarvis - Robots of Mars

William Joyce - TBA

Lots of telescopes trained on The Moon, Jupiter, Andromeda Galaxy, The Great Orion Nebula, and lots more

Ad Hoc Laser tours of the Night sky by Andy Lawes throughout the Night

Please Remember to wrap up warm, no tickets or booking required, suitable for all ages.


A day of Astronomical and space related activities : Sunday 2nd August 2015, at Egerton Park Indoor Bowls Club Egerton Road Bexhill  

* Observing the Sun with ESAS Solar scopes

* Make and Launch your own Rocket

* Laser tours of the Night Sky

* Meet Star Wars and other Sci Fi Characters

* Lots of Space related Colouring

* Lots of telecopes to look through

* See here for The Full Itinary.


Other Links


Honorary President
Sir Patrick Moore CBE, HonFRS, FRAS
Prof. Chris Lintott FRAS
Honorary Members
Rosemary Selmes (4th February 2010)
Lester Selmes (4th February 2010)
Andy Lawes (2nd September 2010) 
Executive Committee & Trustees
Year Chairman Secretary Treasurer Deputy Chairman
2019/20 Doug Edworthy Kay Hunting Dave Williams Nigel Martin
2018/19 Doug Edworthy Kay Hunting Dave Williams Nigel Martin
2017/18 Doug Edworthy Kay Hunting Dave Williams Vacant
2016/17 Andy Lawes Alieen Francis Charlie & Gloria Kite Albert (Paddy) Hamilton
2015/16 Andy Lawes Aileen Francis   Paul Foster
2014/15 Andy Lawes Aileen Francis Angela Gardner Paul Foster
2013/14 Andy Lawes  Terry Larkin   Vacant Paul Foster 
2012/13 Lester Selmes Andy Lawes Rosemary Selmes Paul Foster
2011/12 David Pulley Simon Allen Andy Lawes Chris Woodcock
2010/11 David Pulley Simon Allen Andy Lawes Chris Woodcock
2009/10 David Pulley Simon Allen Andy Lawes Chris Woodcock
2008/09 David Pulley Simon Allen Andy Lawes Chris Woodcock
2007/08 Lester Selmes Simon Allen Andy Lawes Chris Woodcock
2006/07 Lester Selmes Simon Allen Dave Wright Andy Lawes
2005/06 Andy Lawes Simon Allen Dave Wright Lester Selmes
2004/05 Andy Lawes Simon Allen Dave Wright Chris Woodcock
2003/04 Andy Lawes Simon Allen Dave Wright Marcus Croft
2002/03 Andy Lawes ? ? ?
2001/02 Andy Lawes Marcus Croft Dave Wright Phil Marston
2000/01 Andy Lawes Marcus Croft Sarah Dowsett Doug Hastings


East Sussex Astronomical Society maintain a Facebook page with Event information. Please refer to ESAS Facebook


St Richards latest Newsletter , Science STEM Ambassador Visit; Year 9 GCSE astronomers were delighted to welcome STEM Ambassadors from the ESAS to lead a session on telescope types and were then able, as the sun made a brief appearance in a clear blue sky, to focus on some solar observing. Read more... 










9th March 2012 ~ Bexhill & Hastings Observers ~ ESAS Meeting, 1st March 2012

The steady stream of stunning photographs from the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) since its launch in 1990 has been the general public's window on what is probably the richest data harvest in history from a single astronomical instrument... (more)

2nd March 2012 ~ Battle & Rye Observers ~ Robertsbridge Cubs

Eighteen lively cubs, aged between eight and ten years and striving for their Astronomy Badge, spent last Thursday eneing star watching with East Sussex Astronomical Society at their headquarters in Robertsbridge... (more)

25th February 2012 ~ Agus Saturday Magazine ~ He's reaching for the stars

Nione Meakin meets David Pulley, chairman of the East Sussex Astronimical Society,and finds out why science has become sexy... (more)

24th February 2012 ~ Bexhill Observer ~ Focus on the Hubble Telescope

Former Bexhillian Dr Robert Fosbury (pictured) will address the East Sussex Astronomical Society's March meeting to reveal the Hubble legacy.

He joined the European Coordinating Facility of the Hubble Space Telescope...(more)

17th February 2012 ~ Hastings Observer ~ Astronomer gves talk at Blacklands

As part of the BBC's Stargazing Live programme Simon Allen fromthe East Sussex Astronomical Society(ESAS) gave a talkto year five pupils at Blacklands School on getting started in astronomy...(more)

10th February 2012 ~ Bexhill Observer ~ Radio Astronomy (and Hastings Obs.)

In his talk on Backyard Radio Astronomy, Graham Darlington, of Worthing Astronomical Society, revealed how an amateur could get started in this field. The ready availability of modern off-the-shelf electronics and the efforts of a number of groups ...(more)

3rd February 2012 ~ Bexhill Observer ~ I've been keeping my eyes on the skies (in all local papers)

Just lately I've dug my old telescope out of the back of my rather cluttered kennel and have been keeping an eye on the night sky over Sussex... (more)

27th January 2012 ~ Bexhill Observe ~ Astronomical Society sees numbers double. (in all local papers)

Four hundrer people turned out for an afternoon of astronomy for all ages and abilities, hosted by East Sussex Astronomical Society (ESAS).

Record numbers are now taking an interest in the night sky thanks in part to the BBC's Stargazing Live programme,... (more)

20th January 2012 ~ Bexhill Observer ~ Stargazing Live at Chantry Community Primary School

Children look at the stars

Monday evening saw pupils at Chantry Community Primary School host an astronomical event as part of BBC's Stargazing Liveweek. ...(more)

16th January 2012 ~ The Argus ~ Sussex star gazing on the rise

The number of people stargazing in Sussex is soaring.

One of the county's stargazing socities has reported a huge increase in attendance... (more)

13th January 2012 ~ Hastings Observer ~ ESAS meeting 5th January 2012

Relating our everyday experience to the immensity of the distances and the times involved in describing fully the universe in which we live requires considerable mental... (more)

13th January 2012 ~ Bexhill Observer ~ Star turn at the De La Warr Pavilion

An outer space experience is on offer at the De La Warr Pavilion next Friday, 20th January, when the venue and the East Sussex Astronomcal Society come ...(more)



9th December 2011 ~ Bexhill Observer ~ ESAS Meeting 1st December 2011

In 1967 Jocelyn Bell, a young Cambridge research student, made one of the great astronomical discoveries of the 20th century: the first pulsar  Now 44 years on... (more)

25th November 2011 ~ Bexhill Observer ~ Publicity for the 1st December Meeting

Top astronomer Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnellwill be in Bexhill on Thursday, December 1st to tell her story In Pursuit of Pulsars to the East Sussex Astronomical Society...(more)

25th November 2011 ~ Bexhill Observer ~ ESAS meeting for 3rd November 2011

Robotic exploration of Mars has paid extrodinary dividends.  Professor Andrew Coates of University College London, active in building instrumentation for both past... (more)

14th October 2011 ~ Bexhill Observer ~ ESAS Meeting 6th October 2011

October's meeting presented four short , absorbing talks by local members.  First Graham Appleby on Occultations, the blocking of light from one astronomical body by another...(more)

7th October 2011 ~ Bexhill Observer (also Hastings Obs) ~ Strangelights appear in night sky

Strange lights in the sky may be visible over Bexhill and surrounding villages tomorrow night, Saturday, but people should not be fearful of space invadersor UFO's....(more)

30th September 2011 ~ Bexhill Observer ~ Visit to Sir Patrick Moore

Students meet the master of the Universe...Students from St Richard's Catholic College and their teacher, Dr Joolz Durkin, joined up with 55 members of the East Sussex Astronomical Society to visit the West Sussex home of space guru, Sir Patrick Moore. ...(more)

26th August 2011 ~ Bexhill Observer ~ ESAS Meeting

Stargazers welcome the Astronomer Royal.  Bexhill's stargazers will be welcoming a very special guest on the 1st September - the Astronomer Royal.  Martin Rees (pictured) has had a distinguished research career investigating...(more)

26th August 2011 ~ Bexhill Observer ~ Bexhill Rotary Club

The birth of stars was the subject of a fascinating talk given by David Pulley, chairman of the East Sussex Astronomical Society, at Bexhill's Rotary Club's most recent meeting, held at the Cooden Beach Golf Club...(more)

15th July 2011 ~ Bexhill Observer ~ ESAS Meeting

In 1835 the distinguished French philosopher Auguste Comte voiced the prevailing opion that "On the subject of stars, we shall never be able by any means to study their chemical composition" ~ surely...(more)

8th July 2011 ~ Bexhill Observer ~ A 'sun' thing to do on Bexhill seafront

East Sussex Astronomical Society is planning to use Bexhill promenade to mount a stroll through the solar system, showing how the planets relate to one another in terms of size and distance...(more)

1st July 2011, Bexhill Observer ~ ESAS Meeting

The era of exoplanet astronomy (the study of panets orbiting other stars) began in 1995 with the discovery of 51 Pegasi.  Dr Peter Wheatley of the University of Warwick.....(more)

13th May 2011, Bexhill Observer ~ ESAS Meeting

This months speaker took a rather different look at the night sky.  Ian Ridpath has nearly 40 years experience...(more)

15th April 2011, Bexhill Observer ~ ESAS Meeting

Every day common sense turns out to be a destinctly unreliable guide when trying to understand the behaviour of the very large (the universe as a whole)... (more)

11th March 2011, Bexhill Observer ~ ESAS March Meeting

Energy from the Sun plays a key role in powering the processes which shape our planet and lives , not least our climate.The effect of solar variability on climate has long...(more)

11th February 2011, Bexhill Observer ~ ESAS February Meeting

The astonishing and continuing pace of development in the capabilities of digital cameras has allowed amateurs to create astronomical images not previously ... (more)

21st January 2011, Bexhill Observer and Hastings Observer ~ ESAS January Meeting

Sadly the weather intervened to frustrate the Society's plans to observe early January's  partial solar eclipse and Quadrantids meteor.... (more)

8th January 2011, Bexhill Observer ~ Society's Star Turn

East Sussex Astronomical Society will have a range of telescopes and binoculars on the south terrace... (more)

8th January 2011, Bexhill Observer~  ESAS December Meeting

When snow prevented December's scheduled speaker from... (more)



31st December 2010, Friday Ad ~ BBC Stargazing Live

Watch a partial eclipse of the Sun , Tuesday 4th January ... (more)

24th December 2010, Bexhill Observer ~ Students start stargazing with eyes on their futures.

Bexhill High School has formed an inspirational partnership with the East Sussex Astronomical Society ... (more)

29th October 2010, Bexhill Observer ~ Talk in memory of astronomer Peter

A memorial talk will be held next week by East Sussex Astronomical Society to raise funds for St Michael's Hospice ... (more)



30th October 2009, Bexhill Observer ~ East Sussex Astronomical Society

East Sussex Astronomical Society (ESAS) is now starting its 11th year ... (more)

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